About us and our philosophy…

The Bierhaus en d’r Salzgass and the Bierhaus am Rhein have always been places of hospitality, cosiness and a good sense for humor. Wherever Päffgen Kölsch flows, the hearts of people from Cologne open up. But many tourists feel equally at home with us. This could be due to our delicious regional dishes on the one hand, but also to our great team. We are passionate hosts, welcome you with open arms and look forward to all of our guests from all over the world. Unless you order Kölsch-Cola.

Päffgen is one of Cologne’s oldest breweries!

We are very proud to serve our guests freshl Päffgen Kölsch on tab. The Päffgen Brewery was founded in 1883 by Herman Päffgen, so the excellent Kölsch exists for over 125 years. Päffgen is the oldest house brewery in Cologne and still brews today in its original location in the Friesenviertel.

Did you know: while nowadays the brewers “only” brew and the Köbesse draw the beer from the tab, it used to be common for both activities to be carried out by the same employees. A real full-time job that required a lot of enthusiasm, but in return it was well paid and was also rewarded with board and lodging. The brewers were part of the family.

Brewers brew and Köbesse zappen!

Now you are wondering what a Köbes is? A waiter who works in breweries has been known as Köbes since around the 19th century. The Köbes and its way of serving are part of the typical Rhenish brewery culture. When a beer glass is empty, the Köbes puts down a new glass without ordering, unless the guest puts a beer mat on the glass or signals that he wants to pay. The often rough nature of the Köbesse is attributed to the fact that in the past they were also brewers who had to serve in the taproom.

“Everything was different in Cologne. […] You don’t order a Kölsch in a brewery, you get one. Nor is the Köbes a waiter, but a brewery assistant, whose pride precludes carrying beer to the table. Provided that Cologne residents adhere to the rules, which is seldom the case, they do so in anticipation of the associated exception, one of which says that, in the end, Köbesse carry beer to the table because they are entrepreneurs and therefore not waiters. […] You have to believe in a Köbes like in Providence or the Archangel Gabriel. Then everything will be fine. “ [7] Frank Schätzing, Don’t worry, Munich 2007, p. 228 f.

You have to believe in a Köbes!

For us, our Köbesses are also part of the family, as are every cook and counter worker as well as the cleaning staff at the entrance to the washrooms. Come by and see for yourself!

Here we are!

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